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Through our breeding programs we have selected studs and mares that not only have the genetic characteristics that we prefer in arab thoroughbreds (arab type, classic heads, strong constitution and a tractable temper) but are also able to pass them on to the next generation…

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La FraSeRa is the result of more of thirty years of work and passion for horses in our family. Francesco, Serenella and Raffaele Santoro have owned horses for more than forty years and run an Arab Stud Farm for the past thirty years.

The name Frasera was conceived combining the initial letters of our names. The logo comes from a portion of a print by Vernet,  symbolizying our ideal arabian horse and representing the aim of our selections. Some of our horses are show riding race, and  endurance champions, but most important: the new offsprings also present high standard features.

our specimens come from families resulting from accurate decennial selections, such as Dahmah Shawan, Saqlawi Jedran, Hadban Enzahi and Kohailan Ajuz

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Frasera Gamal

22.04.2015 | Dahama Shawan
Frasera Ramses Shah X Frasera Shahyrah

In Loving Memory

Frasera Futura

06.01.1996 | Dahmah Shahwaniyah
Shahil X Ansata Nefer Isis

La Frasera

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